Marc Resources: A Pioneer of Digital Era

Marc resources is a Premier digital marketing platform which resourcefully bridges the gap between the businesses and the customer base they intend to target digitally.

It all started in 2005 when Marc Resources laid its brick to venture into the journey of providing expertise in the world of digital marketing. Marc Resources then offered services for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) all over the globe. In India, it aided several organizations with affordable, stable and uninterrupted Internet connectivity. The creative minds at Marc Resources never have let a bar set down when they are approached with an ambition to achieve set targets or a vision on the whole. We believe we think and led the resellers to rethink and catalyze ideas to outcast their approach in unconventional yet appealing ways for their audience.

We are entrusted by Google for its sales and marketing of Google products such as Google Home, Google Mini & Google Chrome Cast. Offering ‘White Hat ‘services to our clients have been our forte, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) being our flag bearer among other specialties.


Muthu Kumar Shankar

Founder & CEO

Marc Resources has seen a rapid growth in India and Abroad, the reason being its quality of being dependable and trustworthy among the clients to achieve desired results through well planned and well-executed methodologies of online campaigning, digital marketing strategies, diversion of traffic on the sites through optimizing solutions and various other stages of strategically promoting businesses online.

Visibility plays a major role in the process of promoting online as obvious as the layman would be aware of the scrumptious amount of data being searched and uploaded online on a daily basis. We help you, exactly achieve that perk with various techniques not known to all. Let’s say we put the spotlight on you in the whole play of digital marketing on the stage of the digital world!